NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 8/30

I'm a little "closer" to you in prayer tonight, Lord,
because I'm writing to you 
while 35,000 feet in the air on Jet Blue!

I put "closer" in quotes 
because I'm never closer to you than when I pray, 
no matter where I'm praying from,
no matter the height nor the depths
of my body and soul...

I'm close to you in prayer, Lord,
each time I recognize the obvious:
you're always close to me!

I'm close to you in prayer, Lord,
each time I open my heart and thoughts
to your loving, piercing gaze...

I'm close to you in prayer, Lord, when I let go 
the people, the things, the worries, the fears, 
the day to day troubles
that try to put distance between us...

I'm close to you in prayer, Lord,
when I ask for the grace to receive
    not just what I want to hear
    but just what you want to tell me...

I'm close to you in prayer each time I trust
    that you know me better than I know myself,
    that you know my needs, not just what I want,
    that you have a plan that's still mystery to me,
    that you're by my side when I feel all alone,
    that your mercy is greater than all of my sins,
    that you're healing my hurt while I still feel the pain,
    that no power is greater than your love for me,
    that you hear all my prayers, both silent and spoken
    that you, in the end, will make all things well, Lord,
    in ways I've not dreamed of, imagined or prayed...

Just that close are you and I in prayer, Lord:
    no matter what the altitude,
    regardless of my attitude,
    in spite of my ineptitude
    - because of your beatitude
you dwell within my heart tonight
    right where you always make your home...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...
God Who Listens by Chris Tomlin

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The God who made the winters and the summers
the One who put the stars all in their place 
The only One who stands above all others 
He knows me by name 
The angels hide their faces in his presence 
The demons run for cover when you speak 
You rule the world and reign above the heavens 
And still draw close to me 
When I close my eyes I know that 
I’m not just hoping, I’m not just wishin’ 
I know I’m praying to a God who listens 
I know he hears me, I know he’s livin’ 
Yes I am praying to a God who listens 
He walks with me and leads me by still waters 
I lay my troubles down at his feet 
It’s amazing, the Savior and the Father 
He is a friend to me 
How can it be 
Who knows me 
Who loves me 
Who never will fail me 
Who tells me that I am his own 
And You surround me 
Remind me 
You always are for me 
So I come boldly to Your throne 
I’m not just hoping, I’m not just wishin’ 
Yes I’m praying to a God who listens 
Oh what a promise that we’ve been given 
Yes we are praying to a God who listens




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