NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 8/3

Tonight's prayer is more personal than usual but I hope, I trust you'll find some of your own friendships in these words and rejoice with me in mine..

At a table at Clancy's,
on the Swan in Dennisport
- that's where I met you today, Lord...

Joining our party of three,
you took a seat at our table for four,
making things even - and even more gracious 
than we three alone might have done...

J and L and I, sharing a friendship 
now 56 years in the making
and going strong, and growing stronger...

A half century and more of trust,
decades of sharing what brings us together:
    the questions we ask on this journey we share,
    seeking and wondering:
        where you are, Lord,
        if you are
        - oh, there you are!
        now where did you go?
        of course - you're right here!
        you're deep within,
        thick among us,
        you're everywhere
        yet beyond our grasp,
        though you hold us close
        in the palm of your hand,
        in the warmth of your arms,
        in the heart of your heart...
That path we've walked, Lord, all these years
was not without its bumps, 
    rough patches, twists and turns
and there was that time, when for some time,
there came a parting of our ways...
But through an arkangel's intervention*
we came together once again
and over time the years have smoothed the path
of cares and complications 
until now when we slip easily and freely 
into heartfelt conversation about
        where you are,
        if you are,
        and oh, yes - you are here!
And so of this I'm very certain, Lord,
that from all eternity, you've had it on your calendar
that this warm day in August you'd join us, J and L and me, 
to be the fourth in our party
at a table down in Dennisport,
at Clancy's on the Swan...
And for this I praise you, Lord and God,
    from whom all blessings flow!

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...
* Too long a story to tell here, but "arkangel" is how our angel spelled his name:
    not to mention this entry in the Urban Dictionary
What I like about tonight's song (Friends) is that the lyrics might apply to old friends, new friends, friends who are leaving and friends who have passed over to life forever with God... 
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