Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/20

    Georgetown, Colorado

Just about one more day here, Lord,
one more day in this valley of your goodness
where mountains keep the watch,
cathedral walls, rising up high
'round this simple, holy place...

Just about one more day
in this small town filled with large hearts,
this village where the sky is clear, the air is fresh
and peace has found a worthy place
to settle down and make a home...

Just about one more day 
to take a walk to my favorite bridge 
and stop and watch Clear Creek flow by:
    cascading, gushing, clean and pure,
    streaming grace and mercy for all who stop to pray
    - and for all who simply stop and wonder
    at the beauty rushing by, just below...

Just about one more day here, Lord,
so this morning I am grateful,
oh, so grateful just to know
    you've touched my soul in ways
    my memories won't forget...

Another and new perspective on my favorite creek!
(Enlarge for a better view!)
If a video doesn't appear below, click here! 




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