NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 10/10

There are times, Lord,
when I'm so distracted
that I actually forget about you -
- until someone or something nudges me,
catches my eye and gets my attention -
and I make and find the time 
to take a deep breath,
take some time in silence and remember
just how faithful you are to me
and how much I need you in my life...

There are times, Lord,
when I'm so disappointed, sad and unhappy
that I don't want to talk to anyone, not even you,
- until someone or something taps me on the shoulder
and brightens my day, if only for a moment -
and I make and find the time
to open my eyes and unlock my heart
to count my blessings and remember
just how much I need you,
how much I need your love...

There are times, Lord,
when I think I'm too busy to pray,
to share with you my sorrows and joys,
my trials, my fears and my troubles,
- until someone or something
puts the brake to my pace and slows me down -
and I know again just how much I need
to rest in your arms and trust in your strength...

There are times, Lord,
when all of life seems upside down,
inside out and backwards
- 'til someone or something centers me,
sorting through all my confusion and doubt
with prudence, the leveling balance -
and I know again how much I need
your wisdom, your word and your truth...

There are times, Lord,
there are so many times
- but you know all that and more...

So nudge me, prod me,
sharpen my focus,
tap me on the shoulder,
slow me down,
unlock my heart
and center me
-  til I find a place and take the time
to remember again and not forget:
    just how much I need you,
    just how much I want you
    and just how much I love you, my God...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...


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