NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 10/25


For this day's joys and blessings, Lord:
    I offer thanks and praise...
On this day's pain and problems:
    I pray your healing touch...

For any good I did today:
   I'm grateful for your help...

And all I've left undone, Lord?
    Help me work on that tomorrow...

For any harm I did today:
    I pray for your forgiveness...

For any hurt I may have caused:
    show me how to make amends...

For the time I spent in prayer, Lord:
    thanks for always being there...

For the gift this day has been, Lord:
    receive my grateful prayer...
And to all tomorrow holds
    open my heart, my mind, my soul...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake,
stand vigil while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

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Tonight's song is This Day God Gives Me.  Two versions
follow: the first is choral and the second instrumental, 
a reflective, healing rendition, on the harp.  Not sure which
to listen to?  Why not try both!
This Day God Gives Me by OCP Session Choir

This day God gives me Strength of high heaven,
Sun and moon shining, Flame in my hearth,  
Flashing of lightning, Wind in its swiftness, 
Deeps of the ocean, Firmness of earth.  
This day God sends me Strength as my guardian,  
Might to uphold me, Wisdom as guide.  
Your eyes are watchful, Your ears are list'ning,  
Your lips are speaking, Friend at my side.  
Rising I thank you, Mighty and Strong One,  
King of creation, Giver of rest,  
Firmly confessing Threeness of Persons, 
 Oneness of Godhead, Trinity blest.

This Day God Gives Me - Noelle Cassandra, harpist




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