Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 10/22

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Speak to me, Lord...

Speak a word of blessing,
a word of gentle kindness,
a word of cleansing mercy...

Speak a word to help me, Lord,
a word to heal what hurts,
a word to make me whole...

Speak a word to summon me,
to make me strong and whole,
a word to shape my words and deeds...

Speak a word of pardon, Lord,
a word of your forgiveness
and of reconciling peace...

Speak a word of wisdom,
speak a word of helpful counsel,
a word to make things crystal clear...

Speak a word of challenge, Lord,
and speak a word of comfort,
speak a word of consolation...

Speak a word to help me love,
a word that draws me close to you,
to family, friends and neighbors...

Speak your word in all my thoughts,
embed your word deep in my soul
to turn my heart to you...

Speak a word to lift me up,
a word to give me hope,
a word to help me trust again...

Speak the word I need to hear, Lord,
a word for me to live by,
a word of grace and peace...

Open my heart and speak, Lord,
I wait to hear your word,
your wise and saving word...


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