NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 11/4

Does it have something to do with my getting older, Lord? 

Though I still mourn the passing of summer
I've noticed, this year how the change in seasons
    has been more a comfort than challenge,
    more a boon than a burden,
    has opened my eyes (and my heart) to your beauty
        and the ways that change, around and inside me,
            reveals your Spirit at every turn... 

It's taken this long for me to see,
    to grasp,understand and appreciate
how change resisted chafes and annoys
    perturbs and upsets,
        irks and disrupts
while change absorbed is gain, not loss,
    growth, not decline,
        a prelude, not a finale...

There's a season, Lord, for so many things,
    a season for everything under the sun
and whatever the season, whatever the change,
    you walk by my side through the summer to fall,
        through the winter to spring,
    from dawn through the day,
        through the night until dawn...
You're beside me, before me and all around:
    you're alpha, omega, beginning and end,
        you're the past, the present, the future, too;
    all time belongs to you alone,
        to you be the honor, glory and power
            through endless seasons, age upon age...

There's a season, Lord, for so many things,
    a season for everything under the sun;
be with me, then, 'til the end of time
    when forever's the only season I'll know
        and all I'll know is your peace and joy...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
There Is A Season by Tom Kendzia

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