NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 11/7

It was more than four months ago, Lord,
that you coaxed my African violet to bloom
- but just within the past few days you've teased her
to open up and share with me the beauty
she's been hiding all this time...
    Photo by CP

As it is with your grace, Lord,
I never know quite when you might surprise me
with a simple gift of joy to lift my spirits 
and give me cause to pause and wonder
    what other signs of grace 
    have bloomed along my path,
    wild flowers of blessing, simple gifts,
    reminders of your presence and your peace...

    Photo by CP
In return, Lord, accept my simple thank-you 
and my prayer that I miss none of your surprises:
    keep my eyes open 
    and my heart ready to receive
    whatever gifts and graces
    you coax to bloom along my path,
    especially when my soul's in need
    of your gentle peace and presence... 
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

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Watching the sun ascend on the horizon
Filling the sky with warmth and light,
Seeing the rays now bursting out of darkness
From the stillness of the night,
Feeling the early morning's whisper
Brushing the shadows from my eyes,
Slowly I sense the quiet grandeur
That suddenly feels like a surprise.
Simple joy - quiet morning -
Gentle peace fills the air.
When I sense simplicity's abundance,
I simply know that God is there.
Hearing the flowing sound of nature's presence
Singing a song of sweet refrain,
Listening for the whispers of my heartsong
In the early morning rain,
Calling to me, the melodies of wonder
Weaving a tapestry of sound,
Listening carefully to hear the music
Written wherever grace is found.
Simple joy - quiet music
Fills my soul, fills the air.
When I sense simplicity's abundance,
I simply know that God is there.
Suddenly seeing, buried in the garden,
Tiniest petals covering the earth,
Wondering how I ever missed their beauty
Or ever wondered of their worth,
Brilliantly blue, the hue that mirrors heaven,
"Forget me not", they seem to cry.
Hidden among the orchids and the roses,
Elegant beauty comes to life.

Simple joy - quiet beauty -
Gentle grace everywhere.
As I sense simplicity's abundance,
I simply know that God is there.
I simply know that God is there.




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