Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/8

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I have no idea of what you have in mind for me today
    or any of the ways you'll find to let me know...

I have no idea of when or how you'll speak to me today,
    let alone what you might want to say to me...

I have no idea of where you might lead me today
    or of what and whom I'll meet along the way...

I don't yet know the moments when you'll reach out
    to strengthen and to lift me up when I'm bowed down...

You've got lots of surprises planned for me today, Lord,
and I don't know yet what they might be, so:
   let my mind and heart be open
      to your plans for me today;
   let there be a quiet time and place within
      so I can hear the word you speak to me;
   let your Spirit be the compass of my soul
      as I follow where your word and will may lead me;
   open wide my heart to all the gifts, strength help
      you'll surprise me with today...






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