Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 11/12

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Folks will cross my path today and
   ask for my time,
   seek my company,
   lean on my shoulder,
   tell me their story,
   reach for my help,
   reveal their grief,
   share their joy,
   request my prayer,
   look for a smile,
   shed a tear,
   and need a friend...

May I be there for them, Lord,
   as you are always there for me...


I'll cross paths today with folks who'll offer
  to give me their time,
  walk by my side,
  lift me up,
  hear me out,
  lend me a hand,
  bear my grief,
  share my joy,
  promise their prayer,
  smile upon me,
  dry my tears,
  and be my friend...

Open me up to their love, Lord,
   as I open my heart to yours...





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