NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 4/29

In anticipation of tomorrow's gospel 
    for Good Shepherd Sunday...
When I find myself alone,
when I need someone to talk to,
someone who really listens,
remind me, Lord:
    you're my shepherd, 
    you're my friend... 
When I want someone to lead me,
to point the right direction,
the way to calm and peace,
remind me, Lord:
    you're my shepherd, 
    you're my friend... 
When the silence is too much to bear,  
when I need to hear another's voice,
when I'm listening for a lover's song,
remind me, Lord:
    you're my shepherd, 
    you're my friend... 

When it seems that no one's at my side,
when I need someone who has my back,
who'll stand by me through thick and thin,
remind me, Lord:
    you're my shepherd,
    you're my friend...

When I'm frightened of what's yet to be,
afraid that I don't have the strength
to face whatever lies ahead,
remind me, Lord:
    you're my shepherd, 
    you're my friend... 

Protect me like a shepherd, Lord,
as evening falls and I drift off:
    awake, I'll keep the watch with you,
    asleep, be there to keep me safe
    until a new day dawns...

Because the Lord Is My Shepherd by Christopher Walker 
   performed by the Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Choir 

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Because the Lord is my shepherd,
I have everything I need.
He lets me rest in the meadow
And leads me to  quiet streams.
He restores my soul
And he leads me in the paths that are right...
You are my shepherd,
You are my friend.
I want to follow you always,
Just to follow my friend.
And when the road leads to darkness,
I shall walk there unafraid.
Even when death is close I have courage,
For your help is there.
You are close beside me with comfort,
You are guiding my way...
In love you make me a banquet
For my enemies to see.
You make me welcome,
Pouring down honor from your mighty hand;
And this joy fills me with gladness,
It is too much to bear...
Your goodness always is with me
And your mercy I know.
Your loving kindness strengthens me always
As I go through life.
I shall dwell in your presence forever,
Giving praise to your name...




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