NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 8/5

A piece of good news fell into my heart
with sweet relief
and since all blessings flow from you
- I thank you for this gift, Lord...

Some might call it luck or chance
but I shall name it unexpected grace:
a gift to lift my spirits,
a kind favor from your heart...

Remind me how your blessings, Lord,
come every day, in ways I sometimes 
sadly, often miss 
in my sadness, fear and worry...

And remind me when my days are gray
and dark with disappointment,
of all the times your gracious news
surprised my soul with joy...
Open wide my life, my senses, Lord
to all the ways your good news falls,
with mercy and with peace,
into my arms, my lap, my heart... 

And to those whose days are shrouded
in clouds of disappointment,
send me, your herald, Lord, to share
the good news of your grace...

A piece of good news fell into my heart
with sweet relief 
and since all blessings flow from you, Lord,
I thank you for this gift...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

Good News by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

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Line by line it was written  
Hope in every sentence  
He was good start to finish  
Yes He was 
The words that usher His presence  
And tell of the glories of heaven  
The earth that still shakes at the mention  
Yes it does  
I’ve got good news  
For the broken, for the hurting 
He came for you 
In your hoping, in your searching 
One thing remains true  
Jesus is still our Good News   
Freeing each soul that was bound up  
Loving the one who was unloved  
Giving mercy to sinners  
And he still does  
His love is as vast as an ocean  
He cares for the poor and the orphaned  
The healer that stopped for the one  
And He still does    
What joy, what relief 
His blood washed me clean  
There’s still hope for me 
For all He has redeemed  
He wrote a better story 
He has set me free 
There’s still hope for me  




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