NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 9/7

Be still and know that I am God...
Psalm 46:11

It takes me some, time, Lord,
   to actually settle down,
      take a few deep breaths, relax
         and be still in your presence...

And way too often, I don't slow down all that much.
I steal a few free minutes, 
    my cell phone still in hand.
I'd like to think I'm praying 
    but my mind and my attention
       are a miles and years away.
I read a few words, 
    close my eyes, 
        and hope for the best...

Real prayer comes when I put on the brakes,
   pull off my day's highway, step aside from my schedule,
      make a place to be quiet and still,
         clear some space in my mind
   and then wait, in my heart's chapel, 
      wait for you, Lord...

And the waiting is the hard part, Lord.
I know you're there, by my side,
     you're not hiding,
but I think sometimes 
    I'm waiting to see you with my eyes 
when all the while you're waiting 
    to reveal yourself in my heart...
Sometimes I might be waiting 
    to hear your voice in my ears
when you're waiting 
    to speak to me in the scriptures...
And sometimes I'm waiting 
    for your hand on my shoulder 
when you're waiting 
    to touch my heart, my soul...

Lord, teach me to wait for your presence 
   beside me, around me - especially within me -
in the stillness, in the quiet, 
    in the place in my heart where I need you the most...

Your presence, Lord,
    is a fine, translucent mist
       spun of the Spirit's breath;
a soft but steady flame,
   burning in my soul:
a gracious, holy wisdom,
   whispering in my heart...

And remind me, Lord,
    that while I wait to find you, 
        it's you who waits for me...

You wait for me to slow my step 
    and find you by my side... 
You wait for me 
    to turn my thoughts in your direction,
    to tip my heart towards yours,
    to open wide my soul 
        and call upon your name...

You wait for me with help 
    for this day's pain and problems...
You wait for me with mercy
    for my failings, faults and sins...
You wait for me with healing 
    for my bruises and my wounds...
You wait for me with peace 
    to ease my sorrow and my grief...
You wait for me with light 
    to pierce the clouds that gray my days...
You wait for me with grace 
    to bless my nights, my sleep, my dreams...   
You wait for me 
    to make the time and find a place
      where I, in peace, can wait for you...
Help me be still this night, O Lord,
    and even in the waiting find my peace
        in you who wait for me...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...

Two options for music this evening, both based on the one verse: Be still and know that I am God.  The first option is one I've offered before, a beautiful piece from John Bell, while the second is new to me, as is Roman Hurko, its composer.  Bell 's setting is light and airy while Hurko comes with more gravitas.  As much as I love Bell's arrangement, I think I'll save it for another day and invite Hurko to be part of my prayer tonight.  You might give both a listen and choose what best suits your prayer this evening.
Be Still And Know That I Am God by John Bell

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Be Still And Know That I Am God by Roman Hurko




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