NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 10/6

A friend took recently posted a couple of beautiful photos of the moon and I'm pleased to share them with you as part of tonight's post.  The first is taken at Whitney Pond in Winchendon, MA, a place that has brought my friend "the eternal feeling of peace since the beginning of the summer" and the second is his home in Winchendon.
    Photo by Tim Gray


In the beginning,
there were no clocks,
    neither digital nor analog...
In the beginning, there was no need 
for ringing, beeping, buzzing, alarming clocks:
    brother sun was there to wake us,
        to warm the day and light our path
    'til sister moon pulled down night's shades
        and by the starlight, rocked us 'til we slept...
In the beginning, Lord,
everything was simple:
    you lit the Milky Way with galactic, sweeping artistry
        and separated night from day with two celestial orbs, 
    one to rule the day 
        and rouse us from our sleep
    and one to rule the night 
        and give us time for rest...

And now you've helped us find the way
    to make the night near bright as day
and mute midday in midnight shades
    depending on our needs and wants...
But help us not stray far, Lord,
    from your natural guiding lights
as we live the day we wake to
    until night falls and we sleep...
The moon's glow wanes and waxes
    but you know what - so do we!
Like the moon, we go through phases,
    through light and darker quarters:
sometimes we shine, sometimes we don't
    and sometimes we just hide...  
Shooting stars are passing fancies -
    but the moon? our faithful friend!
She  hovers over all our dreams,
    she shines within our soul,
she promises that light, Lord,
no darkness can eclipse...
May we dance the ancient rhythms
    as simple as they are:
night and day, dawn and dusk,
    high tides, low tides, 
pulling us, drawing us
    through days and months and years
as we make our way by moonlight, Lord,
    home at last to you...

Protect us Lord, while we're awake
    and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...
    Photo by Tim Gray

There's a lot of moon music out there! For your prayer
and reflection, here's a collection 8 songs, some instrumental
and some tunes with lyrics...
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(Instrumental by a contemporary  Italian pianist, known for 
the simplicity and beauty of his minimalist compositions)

(Instrumental: jazz in the moonlight...)

(A haunting improvised instrumental, featuring the koto, 
a 13 stringed Japanese instrument, exquisitely beautiful...)
The Moon's Song by Olivia Fern 
(The moon sings to her child's burdened heart...)
I went for a walk under the moon 
and I asked her for a song, to guide me on, 
through the darkness, through the darkness... 
The darkness of my fears, when all else disappears. 
Oh, the darkness of self doubt, will burn out 
all your lightness, all your lightness... 
So let go of the shadow 
of shame and blame, praise and gain, 
you are more,  just be who you are. 
And she sang: Child, be unafraid to shine, 
be bold and bright reflecting the light. 
She sang: Child, be unafraid to shine, 
be bold and bright reflecting the light.
She sang: Child, be unafraid to shine, 
be bold and bright reflecting the light. 
She sang: Child, be unafraid to shine, 
be bold and bright reflecting the light.  
Be bold and be bright, reflecting the light...

(The lyrics draw on how the moon draws the tides
and the tides of our lives...)

Sister Moon by Cathy Overton
(Instrumental, based on a Scottish song, "The Midnight Hour."
Listen carefully for the subtle Celtic roots in the piece...


The Moon by Andy Beck, performed by Koorschool Senta
(A song for young voices, filled with mystery and dressed in beauty...)

Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy, 
(You may not know this piece by its title but you'll
recognize it as soon as you hear it...)   




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