Pause for Prayer: The Day After!

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The Christmas Eve-Christmas Day marathon is over, Lord!

We made it from December 24 to December 26
- and for that we're grateful...

But, oh, the hype, Lord - too much hype;
    too much time invested,
    too much money spent on many things
    that no one really needs...
So much build up,
   too much let-down,
so many expectations
  and so many went unmet...

And all of this in your name!
Lord, have mercy!

So, between the taking down
    and the work of cleaning up
and the trips to catch the sales
    to return the gifts that didn't fit,
give us quiet time today, Lord,
    to reflect on and remember 
    what Christmas really means: 
        A baby,
        born two thousand years ago,
        whose word and life and death gave rise
        to faith and hope, to mercy, love and peace...
Help us keep the holy feast, Lord:
    help us keep the Christmas story 
    as simple as it is...

Draw us back to the beginning,
to the time when you had nothing
    save your mother's gentle love,
    the shepherds' fear and awe,
    and the angels' song of glory in the skies...

Let this simple story, Lord,
settle deep within our hearts
    with the blessings, gifts and graces,
    you came, in peace, to share...





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