NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 1/1

Now, no one knows better than you, Lord,
my track record on resolutions:
    the ones I've made at New Year’s, 
    on Ash Wednesdays, 
    on my birthday
and at so many other times
when I've promised, pledged and resolved
    to do this or that,
    or to stop doing such and such
but then just a few days later
     - well, you know how that goes, Lord!
So let me begin
by placing entirely in your hands
the new year that began today...
I put my heart in your hands 
and pray Lord, that you'll 
    soften what's grown coarse,
    warm what's chilled and frostbit,
    smooth my roughened edges
    and mend my broken parts
- not so much for my sake
    but more for those who count on me
        to be there with and for them…
In the new year, Lord,
give me a heart for others
and help me resolve
to love my neighbor as myself...
I place in your hands
    my mind, my will and my thoughts
and pray you'll help me sort through
    my doubts and questions,
    my fuzzy, lazy thinking,
    my confusion and my foolishness…
In the year ahead, Lord,
    give me the gift and strength of your wisdom
and help me resolve to seek and rely on your Spirit
    guidance, insight and counsel...
Sharpen my mind with your truth,
    and expand my thinking when it narrows: 
open me to study what I need to study,
    to learn what I need to learn...
In the new year, Lord,
    help me discern, know and love the truth
and give me the grace to firmly resolve
    to go where the truth may lead me...
I offer you my body, Lord:
help me care for the frame that gives my soul 
    its solid form and presence:
get me out of bed and off the couch:
    motivate, move, shake and stretch me; 
walk by my side and and strengthen me  
    to complete the work that's mine to do...
In the new year ahead, Lord, 
    give me the gifts of your grace and peace
and help me promise, pledge and resolve
    to trust in your faithful presence...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...


He Who Began A Good Work In You by Steve Green

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