Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 1/22

        Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
I lift up to you this morning, Lord,
    some things that get in my way
        as I try to grow in faith...

I offer you the disappointment I experience
    when you don’t do just what I want you to do
        - and in the way I want you to do it;
help me remember
    that you're not my servant,
        but that I am yours...

I offer you my impatience
    when I think you respond too slowly
and the doubts I have 
    when I fear that you're not listening:
help me trust that you hear my every prayer
    that you answer me in a hundred ways 
        I might miss, ignore or reject
          - when I'm only open to my way...

I offer you my envy, Lord,
    when I fret about what I don't have
and my stubbornness, too,
    when I refuse to be happy
        unless it's all on my terms:     
   open my eyes to the gifts I do have
      and to the many blessings I’ve received,
   to the peace and joy you've readied for me
      to discover, enjoy and share...
I offer you my hopelessness, Lord,
    when my life's like the wind
        and I fear I'll never again find joy;
    help me trust
        that your love is better than life,
        that my hope in you is never in vain
        that my restless heart will find rest in you...
Help me trust when I cannot find you
    that you're still and always right by my side;
that even when I feel abandoned,
    I'm held in the palm of your hand;
that when I'm just too weak to keep going
   your arm reaches out to lift me up;
that when I find myself most vulnerable
   you shield me with love everlasting... 
I lift up to you this morning, Lord,  
    the things that get in my way
        as I try to grow in faith;
draw me out of myself 
    and into your heart,
        your way, your truth and your life...




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