Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/4

One thing we need in this new year is peace!

So I pray, Lord, you'll help us work for peace
    with you, with one another, 
    with our neighbors near and far
    and with ourselves...

I pray you'll find us
    giving of ourselves without counting the cost,
    sharing from our want, not our surplus,
    forgiving those who have offended us
    and seeking pardon of those whom we've hurt...

And what of my share in this work, Lord?
    Will I be a peacemaker? 
    By what measure will I give of myself and of what's mine?
    By what merciful standard will I regard anyone who's hurt me?
    Will I forgive others' trespasses as freely
        as I hope and trust you forgive me mine?

Lord, in this new year, 
    make me an instrument of your peace...

Help me become a peacemaker in my home
    and in my extended family, at school and in my neighborhood:
help me be the one who offers the peaceful gesture,
    who speaks the peaceful word,
        who suggests the peaceful option...

Give me courage to be a peacemaker at work, among my colleagues:
    help me be the first to take a step towards reconciling
        disputes and differences...

In my parish, Lord, help me be a bridge
    between groups not at peace with each other:
let me me lead the way 
    towards understanding, collaboration and unity...

In my community, Lord, keep me from taking sides 
    based on prejudice and personalities;
help me shape my opinions 
    based on knowledge and truth,
and help me work for what's just, what's fair
    and what paves the path to peace...

When I'm at odds with someone close to me, Lord,
    let me be the one who lets go the grudge, the resentment:
    help me be the first to offer to reconcile...

Lead me every day to be at peace with you, Lord:
    keep me faithful to your Word
and to whatever you ask of me
    in service of my neighbor...

Keep me honest in my relationship with you, Lord,
and at peace with my true self:
    open me to the peace that's yours to share,
        the peace that comes only from your heart
            and from your hand...

Open my eyes, my ears, my mind,
    my intuition, my imagination,
        my will and my heart, Lord:
            to every opportunity for making peace...

Make me an instrument of your peace,
    the peace that's only yours to give...
Make Me A Channel of Your Peace by Allen Pote,
    performed by the 7 PM Sunday Choir
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!





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