Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 2/18


Got the ashes on Wednesday
   - or maybe I didn't...

Know what I'm giving up for Lent
   - or maybe I don't...

Praying more each day
   - or maybe not so much...

Setting coin aside to help the poor
   - or really wanna do that...

Off to a great start!
   (It's Lent already?)

   it's five days into Lent
   and we're all in different places...

Some of us have already run five strong laps
   - others are still looking for the starting line...

Some of us do this really well
   - and some of us have a hard time with it...

Help me be modest in my goals
   and realistic in my pledges...

Help me make a simple plan for Lent
   and, with your help, keep it...

Help me pause each day for prayer,
   if only for three minutes...

Help me fast and go without
   to learn what it is I really hunger for
      and what truly feeds me...

Open up my heart and my wallet
   to those in need...

And I know that with you, Lord,
   it's never too late to begin!

So, on this first Sunday morning in Lent,
   on this day that you have made -
      Lord Jesus, touch my life!






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