NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 5/30

The scent of lilacs
    never fails to stop me in my tracks... 

I can't ignore, can't overlook,
    I can't pass by a lilac bush:
its perfumed beauty wafting by 
    invites my close attention,
inviting me to gently touch
    and take its blossoms to my face
to breathe in deep their sweet bouquet,
    inhaling springtime's essence...  
Stop me in my tracks, Lord
    with the sweet scent of your wisdom,
    with the fragrance of your presence, 
    with the perfume of your Spirit's balm
        healing me with mercy
            and anointing me with joy...
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
    and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
    and asleep, rest in your peace...


The Fragrance of Christ by Charles Billingsley

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Sweet aroma fill this place
Let us feel your warm embrace
Touch us with your healing grace
Let us see your holy face

Hold us so close by your side
Let us see your loving eyes
Take our wrongs and make them right
Breathe on us the breath of life

The fragrance of Christ
It breaks apart the strongholds of pride
and the hardest of hearts
It makes all the wounded whole and then starts
to open the senses to your goodness
It's the fragrance of Christ

At the start of every day
Fill my heart with perfect praise
with this offering i raise
A holy tribute to your name

Take my feet and lead me to
All the world or just a few
With everything I say and do
May the glory go to you

Fresh anointing cover me
With a balm of purity
Make me a bouquet of honesty

I will hold your name up high
By the way I live my life
Let me be the fragrance of Christ




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