Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/10

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Every day, Lord,
    I check my calendar,
    I check my watch,
    I check my email,
    I check my voice mail,
    I check my snail mail,
    I check my texts,
    I check my Tweets,
    I check my FB messages...

Well, "every day" isn't really accurate:
    I should have said,
    "three, four or more times" every day...

I do a lot of checking in, Lord,
    and some days it seems I check in with just about everybody
        - except you...

So today,
    (especially when I'm checking in
        at one of my regular check-in spots)
    today, Lord, help me find a quiet time and place
        at least once today, 
    just to stop to check in with you,
       to pray...





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