A Prayer for Ascension Thursday

Ascension by Salvador Dali


Today's Ascension Thursday 
when we remember Jesus ascending into heaven.
The Dali above images what Jesus' friends saw as he was lifted up: 
the soles of his feet!

Just 40 days after Easter, Lord,
you brought your friends together, one last time,
to say goodbye, to bid them farewell...

Parting's such sweet sorrow, Lord...

Taking leave's 
   the sad part 
and the sweetness  
   the memory of all that was, 
   the promise of all that's yet to be, 
   the pledge that on a day to come 
      we'll all be together again...

Coming and going, 
meeting and knowing,
saying goodbye,
sadness and sorrow,
hope for tomorrow...

You left your friends, Lord, but not alone:
you promised your Spirit, the Spirit of truth 
to lead and guide, to comfort and console,
to show us the path we're called to follow,
the way that leads us home to you
and to that day, still yet to come,
when we'll all be together again...



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Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/13



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NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 5/12

Had a great conversation with an old friend today, Lord, 
and while speaking of prayer, 
he mentioned he sometimes tells you,
    "Any hints would be readily accepted!"

I love that line, Lord!
    Any hints would be readily accepted!
I can imagine so many applications of this prayer!
    Lord, I'm really confused
    and feeling unsure about so many things:
        Any hints would be readily accepted!
    So much suffering in the world and right around me,
    and I just don't understand why, Lord:
         Any hints would be joyfully accepted!
    Beats me, Lord, 
    but I'm really not always sure of where I'm going:
        Any hints would be gratefully accepted!
    And what can I do to break the vicious circle
    of prejudice, hatred and mistrust?
        Any hints would be heartily accepted!
    Got some friends I'd love to help
    but I don't know what to say or do, Lord:
       Any hints would be enthusiastically accepted!

    Would love to grow closer to you, Lord
    and know the easiest best ways to do that:
        Any hints would be contentedly accepted!
    I want to know your mind and plan for me
    but my own thoughts cloud my vision:
        Any hints would be willingly accepted!
    In fact, Lord, at any time of any night or day,
    on any day, of any week, in any month, in any year:
        Any hints, clues, leads, signs or tip-offs
            would be delightedly, cheerfully, graciously,     
                warmly and readily accepted!
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...   
Speak to Me by Tommy Walker  



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Sunday's questions still on your mind, in your heart?




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Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 5/12

We spend a good deal of our time waiting, hoping and praying.
We wait for news and pray it will be good. 
We hope for healing and pray it will come soon.
We pray for answers and to understand them when they come.
Here's a prayer for those who wait and hope and pray...  
   Sometimes it seems you leave us hanging, Lord:
   between tomorrow and today,  
   the known and all that's unknown, 
   between our fears and all our dreams
   but there lies a simple truth
   between now and what's to be:
   all is in your hands, Lord,
   all is in your hands
   while our hands fold 
   and hold in prayer the hope
   you're leading us from tears and fears
   to peace, O Lord, 
   the peace for which we long
   and if peace be slow in coming
   help us fold our hands in yours
   and hold your strength as ours
   'til your plan for us unfolds and
   you hold us in your arms
   in that peace
   for which we wait and hope and pray...



Thank you for this beautiful day, Lord,
and for your healing touch 
on my bare skin...

I know you, Lord,
I believe in you,
I trust in your presence by my side,
I hear your voice in the scriptures,
I sometimes hear you whisper 
in the quiet of my prayer...

But when I feel your touch
upon my head, my brow, my face, my arms and legs, 
when I feel your warmth enveloping my body 
when you touch my skin 
you touch my heart, my hope, my faith 
that you're truly present to my body and my soul, 
in my mind and in my thoughts, 
head to toe, inside out, 
in the whole of who I am...

Thank you for this day, Lord
and for your healing touch
on my bare skin...

As the sun sets and this day ends,
stay with me, Lord,  as I lie awake
and watch over me through the night,
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Tonight's song comes with a video of beautiful, natural images.
(To follow the lyrics, be sure to move your cursor off the video.)


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Pause for Prayer: 5/11

Folks ask me, Lord,
(they ask me all the time)
to pray for them...

Some are sick,
some need work,
some are grieving,
some are lonely,
some confused
and some not sure
of how to pray themselves...

So, I pray for them, Lord,
I pray for them
all the time...

But today, Lord, I want to pray for folks
whose hearts are burdened more than most,
whose plates are piled high with with burdens,
whose problems come in bunches...

I pray for folks who try so hard
but just can't seem to catch a break
- through no fault of their own...

I pray for folks down on their luck,
who wait a turn that doesn't seem to come,
whose hope is wearing thin...

For folks for whom things don't work out,
who try and try again and don't give up:
for these I pray...

For those who seek an open door,
 another chance,
an opportunity to move ahead,
for these folks, Lord, I pray...

For those who strain to hear
a word of comfort, some good news,
a bit of joy - for these I pray...

So, Lord,
could you cut my friends some slack?

That's what I pray today...

I pray you pierce their darkness
and the clouds that overshadow them
'til your bright light shines full upon their hearts...

I pray to know the words to speak,
what I might do,
the ways that I might offer help,
to lift up those bowed down...

I pray a generous share of peace,
serenity and blessings
on those who need these gifts the most...

Be their shelter, strength and refuge, Lord,
the answer to their prayers 
- and mine for them...



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NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 5/10

I guess restless is a good way to put it, Lord:
I'm feeling restless...

Unsettled, uneasy and maybe a little anxious
- but restless probably says it best...

Restless in my thoughts and feelings,
restless in my heart and soul,
restless in my own skin,
restless in my prayer...

As this day ends, Lord, I come to ask you
for peace of mind and heart,
for serenity, for tranquility,
for a calming of my soul,
for a stillness in my prayer
where I might find you there, waiting for me,
waiting to settle and to steady me,
to be my refuge and my haven...

Be peace in my unsettled soul,
be the calm that puts my mind at ease,
be the hush that stills my racing thoughts,
be the resting place of my restless heart tonight, Lord,
be the resting place of my restless heart tonight...

Protect me, Lord, as I lie awake
and watch over me when I fall asleep
that awake, I might keep peaceful watch with you
and asleep, rest safely in your peace...


Lord, You Have Come by Cesáreo Gabaráin


Lord, you have come to the seashore,
neither searching for the rich nor the wise,
desiring only that I should follow.

O, Lord, with your eyes set upon me,
gently smiling, you have spoken my name;
all I longed for I have found by the water,
at your side, I will seek other shores.

Lord, see my goods, my possessions;
in my boat you find no power, no wealth.
Will you accept, then, my nets and labour?

Lord, take my hands and direct them.
Help me spend myself in seeking the lost,
returning love for the love you gave me.

Lord, as I drift on the waters,
be the resting place of my restless heart,
my life’s companion, my friend and refuge.


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Monday Morning Offering: 5/10

      Image: George Mendoza   

Good morning, good God!

Sometimes, Lord, 
I'm so overwhelmed by your gifts
I don't know where to begin
to offer you my thanks and praise...

And sometimes, Lord, I'm just overwhelmed 
(by so many worries and concerns)
that I miss your gifts and blessings
and don't even think of thanking you
for all you've given me...
So this morning, Lord,
I offer you a prayer, my desire,
to find, to see and never miss
any gift or blessing that falls to me
from your kind and generous hand...
Overwhelm me with your blessings, Lord,
and open my eyes and ears and heart 
to every single one...
Overwhelm me with grace to draw me
out of darkness into light,
from sorrow into joy,
from need to serenity, 
from doubt to faith in you
and all your many gifts...
Let nothing overwhelm me, Lord,
save the joy of knowing
the breadth and depth and peace
of all you offer me...


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