An Ave Maria post script...

This poignant illustration of Mary by Michael McGrath is inspired by the "underground railroad," the network of people and places that helped African-American slaves reach freedom in the 19th century. One way in which those seeking freedom knew they were on the right course was to follow the "directions" on quilts left on clotheslines, fences and porch railings along the way. In the painting, Mary assures us that we are on the right road to her son, Jesus.

My sister lives in Colorado and has been following my series on the Ave Maria. While she wishes she could have come to the concert, the drive was out of the question! But in light of some things I wrote in my review of the concert, she sent the following email: Today's entry (the review) made me remember when Mom was in the hospital in Peabody. Whenever I would say the rosary with her, all the readings on the machines would change, slowing to more normal numbers, indicating the peace the words brought her... This was not too long before my mother came to the hour of our death that we pray in the Hail Mary. I'm grateful for my sister sharing this with me and allowing me to share it with you. This prayer is memoried into our hearts from childhood and finds a response in us even when all we might be able to do is hear the voice of another praying it at our bedside.

And just another way that the beauty of Sunday night's concert continue to echo in our hearts, even in the hearts of those who could not be there...

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