And the winner is...

This is the prize I wanted to award to the 5,000th visitor to my blog!

Today at 12:57:58 pm the SiteMeter recorded the 5,000th visitor to this blog since its inception on July 19, just a little less than three months ago. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing who Visitor Number 5,000 was, otherwise, I'd send you the $5,000 prize!

Other blogs have had literally millions of visitors, but in my first post I wrote:
I have often thought of starting a blog and this rainy afternoon has provided an opportunity for me to give it a try. I don't know if I have or can make the time to keep this fresh but I do know that if it becomes stale, it will disappear. (I'm not even sure I'll be able to set this thing up and get it online!)
Well, I did figure out how to set it up and if the traffic of readers is any indication, I've been able to keep it fresh enough to hold your interest: I'm grateful for your 5,000 visits! From my side of the screen, this is a great opportunity for writing and ministering creatively. It does take time and as you can see from the time-stamp on the posts, sometimes I'm up late doing this. But it has totally cured me of television so that's a good thing.

For a few days I experimented with videos and graphics and within the first week I began illustrating every post. Finding those graphics is one of the most time consuming and enjoyable parts of writing this blog.

The report I receive from SiteMeter tells me more than the total number of visits that appears on the sidebar. We've had visitors from all over the United States and from 5 of the 6 other continents. The wide-ranging readership is partly due to your sharing news of this blog with friends and families and partly due to the fact that I recently made my blog accessible through Blogger. Now, if someone Googles, say, Mother Teresa, the Google response will include links to posts here which referenced Mother Teresa. I'm also indebted to several other blogs which have posted a link on their sidebar to A Concord Pastor Comments.

Now, would you do me a great favor?
Fight back the impulse to write kind words of gratitude in response to this message: your continued readership testifies to that every day.

Instead, I'd be pleased
if you would, when the Spirit moves you, post a comment about something you read here to keep the conversation going. Half of a good blog is what the blogger posts and the other half is what the readers contribute. But as I've written before, non-commenting readers will always be welcome here!

And one more thing?
When you post, try to come up with a blog name - something besides - you guessed it!- anonymous. You won't be any less anonymous with a blog name than with "anonymous" and the rest of us will be able to get to know not who you are, but how you think and respond. Use the name of your first pet! Use the name of the street you grew up on! Use you great aunt's middle name! Make up a name! Hey: this could be fun for you!

I do understand your reticence. I can remember the first time I commented on a blog, about a year and a half ago, and my blog name was... well, I'm not going to tell you because I still use it! I remember being scared to post a comment. And then, once I did, I remember thinking, "What was so scary about that?"

So, 210 posts and 5,043 visits later, that Concord Pastor is still commenting and enjoying every minute of it!


  1. Dear Concord Pastor:
    Thanks to you, I now have my own blog and, YES, it is such fun to come up with, "What should I talk about today?" The answer is simple, of course -- just write about something you know (or think you know) and that starts the ball rolling. Mostly, I write about my surroundings and things that happen on a day-to-day basis.

    I hope other readers might try their hand at "blogging" because, as you and I now know, it really isn't that difficult to start a Blog or to keep it up. One doesn't necessarily have to write something each day as they can choose their own time frame. However, I think that by writing each day, one gets into the groove of the whole enjoyment aspect and it becomes a "good" habit and, as you stated, it keeps you away from the television!

    Writing a blog lets you put what's in your heart and it allows you to share your thoughts with those who come by to check it out. For me, I enjoy putting my words on the screen and I hope that whoever drops in to view my blog will enjoy what I've written, as much as what I write gives me joy!

    I know that some of my friends and family have viewed my blog, but I really wish that someone would leave a comment! At least, that lets me know that my "ramblings" are being appreciated. :} Of course, YOU already know that your eloquent writings have made an impact on others and that your daily ministering puts a whole new light in each of our lives.

    Thank you, bless you, and peace!

  2. Yesterday was a long day at the office and, so, by the time I got home, it was late. I almost didn't post a blog. However, I told myself that, if I didn't write something, then I might continue to not write at all. So, I put on my thinking cap and recalled something that happened in the recent past and jotted it down. It's a bit on the humorous side but, then again, humor does reside in our daily lives if we just let our thoughts recall those special moments.

    That's it for now -- over and out!

  3. I think for sure it was me who was the 5000th visitor. Can I come pick up the check?? :-)

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  5. Fr. Austin,

    Just wondering from your blog if any men "asked parents permission" to sleep or live with their daughters before marriage?

  6. Grace,
    Sorry but I was REALLY the 5000th visitor.....maybe we can share!
    Glad to see so many are discovering you and your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Now Now everyone...I am actually the 5000th visitor. Feel free to make the check out to me Austin...

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    Actually, my son did indeed ask permission from his now father in law to live with his now wife. They went through all of what my son was expecting to do once he finished school. He made it very clear that they would marry and that he knew his now wife was the love of his life. So yes, there are people like that out there, and I am very proud of my son.

  9. I think everyone is a bit confused because of the time difference between Rome and Concord. It is I actually who have won the prize money. You may send it to Peter's Pence when you are able. I am not to thank you, you said, but I will say continue the good work, Concord Pastor and global bloggers! Ciao!

  10. My, my, my ... aren't we greedy! I guess the more one has the more they want ... tsk, tsk, tsk! When it comes to the $$$$$, it's amazing how quickly some crawl out from under the woodwork! :D

  11. I think it's more, when it comes to "humor", people are more quick to respond.

  12. Well put Grace!

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    Just an additional comment - my now son in law did ask me why I didn't want our daughter to live with him before they married. We had numerous discussions on this as we did on many, many topics and still do. She never did move in with him prior to marriage and I was always grateful for that. It always bothered her that when they went to the priest for their pre-wedding talks he assumed they lived together and questioned it when she gave her home address in Concord! (This was not Austin - this was many yrs ago.)

  14. apc,
    Communication makes all the difference. You obviously have a good relationship with your son in law. Keep talking and being honest. I believe that makes a difference, and ultimately, brings respect into the relationship.

  15. Obviously, I was the 5,000th visitor..just check out my name!


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