Good News! Bad News...

ConcordPastor was shaking in his cyber boots because he thought he had really messed things up behind the Wizard's curtain over here! A blog is an easy thing to set up, but once you've got it rolling, it's best not to fool around with it - like I did. A few hours ago I thought it might be a few weeks before I had things back together. The horror stories from other bloggers (amateurs like yours truly) are pretty bad. See, there's this whole language called HTML Code - and I don't speak or write it! Anyway, I finally dug deep enough to find a little box I could click on labeled (you won't believe this) Restore Widgets to Default! I figured I had nothing to lose - and came up a winner!

That's the good news. And more good news is that I'm back with Blogger comments - which I know how to work from this side of the blog.

The bad news is that the previous comments have passed away with Haloscan. I'm sorry about that, but I feel more secure with the Blogger comboxes and we'll just have to make a new start.
Might be a good time for those who have never commented, to comment!

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