Good News!

Comments are always encouraged here at ConcordPastor's blog! And now, keeping track of comments will be all that much easier - you can arrange to have an email sent to you from posts that you find interesting and want to follow.

How can I subscribe to comments by email?

The comment subscription feature allows readers of a blog to receive an email each time a comment is made to a particular post. You can subscribe to a post's comments by clicking the "Email" link next to "Subscribe to comments" on the post page.

In order to subscribe to comments by email, you must be logged in to a Google Account. Please log in with the account using the email address at which you'd like to receive the comment emails. As soon as you're logged in, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page where you can click "Subscribe" to opt in. On this page, you’ll also have the option to use a different Google Account to receive comment emails.

More info here!


  1. I don't seem to be able to find the "Subscribe." Is it supposed to be below the post itself or in the comment box? Thanks!

  2. Daisy: if you don't see a box to check below to "email follow-up comments" then go to www.google.com and set up a google account. I think that should do it.

    Others have more/better info for Daisy?

  3. Thank you, Concord Pastor. I am testing this!

  4. I think I got this to work! Yeah!


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