Have you done your homework?

Have you looked over the scriptures for this weekend's Mass?

Here are the readings for October 27/28. For some background material to help you understand these texts better, check out the St. Louis University site for Sunday Mass.

One of the best ways to prepare for Sunday Mass is to become familiar with the scriptures you will hear proclaimed.

After doing your "homework," be careful not to say to yourself, "O God, I thank you that I am not like those who failed to click on the links..."!

See you in church!


  1. As I read through the readings, and some of the "help information", I was at first confused and overwhelmed- (most of this, I think, is because of the emotional state I am in right now- but this feels like a time when I need to do this).
    I tried to think of examples from people I know, and just how I feel when I do "good things" quietly, and when I might tell people about them. I definitely feel better when I do these "good things" quietly, though sometimes I wish some people knew- not because I want "credit" for it, but because then they might know just how much they mean to me. I guess the "good things" I am talking about here are things I might do for others- and I realize that "good things" are also things we "just do"- for God-
    okay, now I am really confusing myself, and I am sure you too-
    I hope at least a little bit of this came through, somewhat clearly.

  2. Not as confusing as you think. Thanks for responding!

  3. I like this Gospel as a reminder that humility is an important virtue. It si tempting to tell people how great you are and all the wonderful things you may have done. What a blessing to have only Jesus know...also it is good to think that people are trying to do the right thing but may need some humble person to show them the way without words and only actions.


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