Sotto Voce at Clerical Whispers has posted excerpts from an article in the Guardian Unlimited on a decision by the Church of England to go back through its personnel records to determine if cases of sexual abuse have gone unreported or unresolved.
More than 2,500 letters will be sent to previous bishops, archdeacons, bishops' chaplains and secretarial staff urging them to come forward with information on any cases of abuse or concerns that were not followed up at the time in the way they would be now. Diocesan bishops will also review the current files of the 23,000 licensed clergy in the Church of England. An independent reviewer will assess whether any "causes for concern" exist while urgent issues will be dealt with immediately by the relevant legal authorities.

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  1. I am glad that the Church of England will examine their records re abuse. What has been and continues to be so difficult for the Roman Catholic Church at least has generated this type of positive response by other churches and institutions. Each of these actions brings us closer to a safer environment for children.


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