Too much (junk) mail in your computer's in-box? Same here! I receive many "forwards" - as you probably do, too. Clergy, however, just might be a special magnet for these messages. I often deal with forwards by hitting "reply," typing in "Thanks!" and never opening what was sent.

Many of these messages are intent on making you feel sad or laying some kind of guilt trip on you or telling you outright lies or warning that if you don't "forward the forward" to a dozen other friends then some catastrophe is certain to visit you or your loved ones!

But tonight I opened a forward and I'm glad I did. This message had as its only purpose to tell a story that teaches a beautiful lesson. You are free to move on to the next post here but if you click on the link I hope you'll appreciate its beauty.

Click Here


  1. What a beautiful story. Amazing how one seemingly small gesture can touch the hearts of others.

  2. I just watched the story- (I clicked on the link before, but I was too impatient to wait for it to download)
    I'm glad I waited this time.
    Thank you for sharing this.


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