Top Ten Ways I Know My Vacation Is Over...

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10. I have to set an alarm clock before I go to bed.

9. I get up before noon.

8. I put on shoes and socks in the morning, fondly remembering the freedom of bare feet and sandals.

7. When I walk into my room later in the day, no one has made my bed, emptied my waste basket or put fresh towels in the bathroom.

6. It matters if I shave. It matters what time of day I shave!

5. I check my planner in the morning to see what I'm doing that day.

4. I read only one newspaper - well, most of it.

3. Thursday, Friday and Saturday find me preoccupied with the Sunday scriptures and a homily waiting to be written, preached and posted.

2. So much that seemed to have sailed gracefully beyond the horizon is now returning with the tide.

1. I'm back on this side of the Sagamore Bridge and I have to start checking for messages!


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