Wisdom on a winter's day

Image: Motivation In A Minute

If you'd like to sit back and ponder some words of wisdom against the background of some beautiful images and soft music, then spend a few minutes here...

(H/T to Cape Cod Charlie via the Beach Road Blogger)



  1. WOW great pictures and quotes - thanks Beach Rd Blogger.

    I especially liked Mother Theresas' quote and the best sermons are lived not preached.

    I also think I found my next book from this. Norman Vincent Peales quotes lead me to look him up - his book on positive thinking looks interesting.

    Happy day all!

  2. My brother Cape Cod Charlie and I just got off the phone about this making your Blog. First thanks for sending it out to others. Second During the call he told my he went to college at Colby with the Nephew of Norman Vincent Peales and all the guy's called him Bish. Get it


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