Word for the Weekend: Corpus Christi

The Easter season ended with Evening Prayer on Pentecost Sunday. We reentered Ordinary Time but every year the first and second Sundays following Pentecost are special days: the feast of the Holy Trinity (June 7) and the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus et Sanguinis Christi (June 14).

For this weekend's scriptures and background material on them, check the St. Louis University Sunday liturgy site and for helping children prepare to hear the Word this weekend, check out the Sadlier page.

The first two lessons this weekend (from Exodus and Hebrews) focus our attention on a covenant made in blood. There's reference to the sacrifice of animals and of course to the new covenant made in the blood of Christ. The gospel for this weekend is Mark's account of Jesus sending his disciples to prepare for the supper on the night before he died and the account of his words and actions at table on that holy night.


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