Monday Morning Offering - 55

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

You know, Lord,
I try really hard to say the right thing
and write the right thing
but despite my best efforts
my words can miss their mark
and, even worse, end up hurting
just where I wanted to heal...

Sometimes my efforts at honesty
become a hard lesson in humility
and while I'm grateful for what I've learned
I grieve the cost to those who taught me,
at whose expense my new found wisdom comes...

Sometimes, Lord, my best intentions
fall apart in my own hands
and, try as I might, it's hard to see
how and when and why it all went wrong -
but it did...

So this morning, Lord, I offer you
my garbled words
and any harm they've done
and I pray you might speak a healing word
upon whatever unintended hurt I've caused...

And I offer you all I've learned the hard way, Lord:
the way that's paved with others' hopes,
the path that bears the prints of my rough steps.
I ask forgiveness of any whose hearts I've trespassed
without care...

I offer you all my good intentions, Lord:
help me see them for what they are,
to discern the selfish from the selfless
and to act upon the wisdom gained...

I offer you all the mistakes I've made, Lord:
the ones I didn't see coming,
the ones I should have seen coming,
and the ones I saw only when it was all too late.
I pray for your forgiveness
and the healing of any whom I've hurt.

I offer you the foolish pride
that tempts me to think, too often to believe,
that I am always right and never wrong.

Help me see myself as you see me, Lord:
help me see what is good and true
and take honest stock
of what should have no place in this heart of mine...

Tame, heal, shape and mold my heart for you, Lord,
and for all whose paths cross mine...

Good God of Monday mornings,
take hold of my heart this day and night
and through all of the week before me....




  1. a humble prayer indeed...i am certain we have all worn those shoes! Thank you!


  2. Those who stay close to the Lord, who always follow His ways, who preach His word (even the hard words) and who wish for the true best of their brother or sister will always have peace. Sometimes words of rebuke are necessary to bring another back to the path. It is better to speak the truth, and to call things by their proper name (as John Paul II urged) than to strive to avoid unpleasantness. Better, that is, for the soul of another.

  3. I read this yesterday just before I ran out the door to my volunteer job and to begin my day! There is so much in this Monday prayer to meditate on and really think about.
    I imagine we have all been in that awful place when we engaged mouth before engaging brain and caused hurts.....at least I know I have.
    Even though this is belated, thanks for giving me a wonderful reflection on my drive to work.

  4. Beautiful words. Very strong words to ponder and implement!
    Thank you for the nudge. I am at a point where I needed that nudge.
    In many areas of my life.


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