Don't text while driving!

This video is a PSA from the UK. It is graphic and not easy to watch (YouTube has removed it) -- but makes its point compellingly.

(H/T to DN)



  1. ...yes, you are right- about both things- very difficult to watch and it makes its point compellingly...

    I just saw a driver texting- I was walking...
    that image and this video are hauntingly in my mind (and in my stomach)...

    ...thank you for sharing this...

  2. Wow!
    all drivers should see this...especially the younger generation. They all think they are invincible.

  3. Oh my God, I almost could not watch it but I did. This is stunning and I feel nauseous.

    That said, this must be shown and discussed - there is way too much texting behind the wheel. It is not just kids either.


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