Monday Morning Offering - 61

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Over the past few weeks, Lord,
I've felt these little nudges,
prompts and pokes:
I know they come from you
because they nudge me where I need to go,
prompt me to what must be done,
and poke me when I must get up,
get out and get along...

I offer thanks this morning, Lord
for all the ways you press upon my heart
and gently pull me free of fears that bind
and blind me to your joy...

Grace is the word for all your prodding, Lord:
your gift of love, your Spirit keeping,
saving me from all the selfish folly
of my own designs and doings...

Does ever a day pass by
that you don't stir within my soul,
drop hints inside my heart and move my mind
to muse upon your presence all around?

Is any moment empty
of the whisper of your wisdom
nudging me beyond myself to serve
as I've not served,
to give as I've not given,
to love as I've not thought my heart could love?

The wind of your Spirit
fills the sheets of my soul,
gently guiding me in seas I've never sailed
for fear of shoals I have not known -
while your grace charts my course
steering me to parts and people new
- and with a purpose all your own...

Poke, push, prompt and prod me, Lord,
to waken to your word, calling me
to life more joyful, free and faithful
than all my days thus far...

Open my eyes and ears to those
whose paths cross mine,
who may not yet have felt the gentle press
your grace now places on their hearts...

Good God of Monday morning
and of every starry night,
I praise you for the gift and grace
of every day this week…




  1. Dear Fr. Fleming,
    ______I enjoyed your poem. It is always amazing to read spiritual words written sincerely with the intent of serving God and benefiting others--mostly because such passages have a universal quality to them that transcends our finite nature. This universal echo is recognizable in reading the work of others, but it is difficult to pinpoint just what it is that is so strikingly familiar. Do you ever read some of your spiritual writing and think to yourself, "I don't think that I could write that in quite the same way again?" It's not the same with non-spiritual writing. The Holy Spirit is wondrous, indeed! I only lament how easy it is to grow cold absent contemplative prayer and conscious efforts at helping others. It's kind of like physically working-out, except on a more profound and non-individualistic level. Truly, the Holy Spirit is then hidden in plain sight--just like the Pearl of Great Price if it were to be placed back upon the ground and slowly covered again.
    _____In either case, it is amazing how swift and imperceptible the atrophy ensues. Now, if only I can spend as much time in front of the Blessed Sacrament in contemplative prayer as I spend physically exercising! After all, a heavy soul is not the kind of weight I want to lift; not that I could anyway--only God can lift that weight! I suppose that that would be leading more of a balanced life, and Jesus did model a balanced life (e.g., eating and drinking, in contrast to John the Baptist). Moderation in everything except prayer, since only one thing is necessary (i.e., to Martha). I suppose it is then, in prayer, that God balances the soul and this subsequently affects all life areas. On that note, I guess I'll heed the Nike slogan and 'just do it', regardless of my conscious mind's protests of never having the time, etc. Thanks again for your inspirational and inspired post; God bless you, Fr. Fleming. Serviam.
    Sincerely, Jesse Hofseth

  2. What a beautiful thing to experience the promptings of God in life. Your witness to that reality is powerful in it's conviction. I wonder if it would be too intimate to share more specifically about these "nudges, prompts, and pokes?" Some of us out here are wondering just how God might speak in these ways, and how one might be sure that it's God doing the nudging, prompting, and poking.

  3. CP Fan: I'm willing to post many things on my blog but some things are kept for my meetings with my spiritual director (whom I'm seeing tomorrow!). Here's some helpful hints:

    1) ASK God to nudge, prod and poke and ask God to make you sensitive to those movements in your life.

    2)Begin the day by asking, "I wonder when, where, how I'll be nudged, prodded, poked by God's Spirit today? (Inquiring minds want to know! And inquiring minds become more alert!)

    3)Test the nudge by seeing where it leads, and if it leads to a good place, a place of peace and prayer, to a person you might help, to a gift you might offer - trust that God is doing the nudging!

    4) Before your head hits the pillow, look back on the day and ask, "Where did God poke me today? Did I miss any hints or nudges from the Spirit?" And give thanks to God for the times you knew the Spirit's prodding power gently leading you in the right direction.

  4. CP Fan: I don't know if this will help at all (and I realize your question was really directed at ConcordPastor)...

    In my life right now, so much of what I do (that is good for me and for others) feels kind of forced. Like something "takes over" and I just do it even and especially when I am scared and don't want to do it.
    Well, this I believe now (thanks to ConcordPastor), is God's nudging and prompting and poking me...
    Again, I don't know if that is helpful at all, or even if it makes any sense...
    As far as being sure it is God...
    all I know is that I NEED to believe this- it makes me feel better and makes something in my life make some sense...

  5. Concord Pastor and Michelle - both of your comments are helpful. My desire is to discover this relationship - not just my NEED to believe this - which like Michelle is where I find myself - even after not a short time of attempting to do as Concord Pastor suggests as a method. Patience clearly is a key with this God who is so gentle!

  6. ...being aware that you have a need to believe something and having the desire for a relationship with God that will bring peace...

    ...I think that's a good start...


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