Word for the Weekend - October 4

Creation of Eve by Michelangelo

Here are the scriptures and background material on them for this coming weekend, the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time. For those of you who may be shepherding children to Mass, you'll find some help here for preparing young folks to hear the Word.

The first reading is from the second creation account in Genesis. (It's the first account that we hear each year as the first scripture at the Easter Vigil.) The story of the creation of man and woman is chosen here to pair with the words of Jesus in this Sunday's gospel passage from Mark. The lectionary provides a longer and shorter version of the gospel this weekend. The longer version continues past the marriage/divorce teaching and includes Jesus' words, "Let the children come to me..."

The second scripture is taken from the Letter to the Hebrews. These few brief verses lay the groundwork for understanding the humanity and divinity of Christ.


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