Music for Advent prayer and reflection

Image: SojournMusic

I love the music of the Advent season. I regret that each year we only have 4 Sundays on which to sing this music together in prayer at Mass. But it might be helpful to take a Musical Advent Break now and then - especially when this hurried, harried month of December begins to get the best of us.

So, please take a look and a listen to the widget at the top of the sidebar. There are 8 entries on it right now, including different arrangements of a couple of songs. I'll continue to add to this as the season progresses.

Don't forget to stop by for a Musical Advent Break now and again. You might consider playing a tune or two as you ponder the scriptures for the coming Sunday!


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  1. thank you for this-

    (you are very clever and creative in how you word things and engage people... )


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