Monday Morning Offering - 80

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Well, Lord, the holidays are over.
Even on the church calendar
we’re finally back to Ordinary Time…

We’ve spent weeks, months building up towards,
getting ready, preparing for, anticipating, celebrating and -
and now, almost suddenly,
it’s all over…

And there comes again this season of grays,
charcoaled in the landscape of our days,
etched in hearts chilled by long nights…

I offer you this season, Lord, between now
and that ashen Wednesday
and the purple relief of Lent…

I offer you this in-between time…

So much of life is in-between, Lord:
in-between yesterday and tomorrow…
in-between the old and the new…
in-between expectation and fulfillment
(or hope and disappointment)…
in-between joy and sadness
(or tears and laughter)…
in-between what’s not yet done
and what’s yet to be known…
in-between what I can’t let go
and what I hardly dare to dream…

I offer you this moment, Lord,
this in-between day,
the only real time I have to offer…

Help me “keep it in today”
and give me serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference…

Give me patience with the past, Lord,
and hope for the future…

Help me trust that you have never abandoned me,
that you will never forsake me,
that you are always with me
as you are today,
in-between what’s been and what will be…

I offer you this one day
between yesterday and tomorrow:
today is the day you have made, Lord,
the day that you come
to meet me, forgive me, challenge me,
to comfort and to strengthen me…

Lord, give me the grace
to meet all who cross my path today
as I would have them meet me:
with patience and with peace….

This is the day you have made, Lord
and this day will not come again:
help me rejoice and be glad in this day…

I offer you the whole week ahead of me, Lord -
one day at a time…



  1. Thank you for this morning offering Father, will try and look out for it next Mon.
    I was just saying to a mom on another blog, staying close to Our Lady helps us to learn to anticipate, rather than worry about the time not yet here especially if we have children with uncertain health issues. Mary is the expert of motherly anticipation surely, and she shares this gift I have personally found, when I remember to stop panicking and ask of course.
    I think I'll go and have a cup of coffee now( I usually drink tea by the bucket load!). God bless!

  2. Nice morning prayer CP. Your 81st wow!

  3. Excellent. Just what I needed to get this monday started !! Thanks.

  4. Though it's only been a short time that I have been following your blog, I have to admit I look forward to your Monday offerings, if only I could be more godly, it is not fun being a luke warm Christian....but with the holy spirit in my soul I know I am going to make it. Thank you always for your food for thought wonderful post....

  5. Here where I live we have had plenty of rainfall in an 'average' summer. so green is an appropriate vibrant colour for the season. Ash Wednesday will come in the middle of our hottest month- far too early to forgo the green!!!


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