Monday Morning Offering - 109

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

This Labor Day morning,
I offer you my work, Lord,
in all its shapes and forms...

I offer you the work of my hands:
my sometimes graceful, often clumsy efforts
to reach out, lift up and support
those around me and any who ask for my help...

I offer you the work of my words, Lord:
inspire my writing and my speech
with the counsel of your Spirit
and the spirit of your truth...

I offer you the work of my listening:
keep me attentive, Lord,
and sensitive to what is said and not said
in all that I hear;
and keep me open, Lord,
to the sound of your voice in my prayer...

I offer you the work of my imagination, Lord:
open me to colors, shapes, sounds, ideas and visions
to help me bring the beauty of your word and presence
to the eyes and ears of those around me...

I offer you the work of my heart, Lord:
heal and strengthen my heart where its been hurt;
nurture and exercise my heart where it's grown weak;
enlarge and open my heart
to those whose paths cross mine
and who need another's heart
to listen, to understand...

I offer you the work of my ministry, Lord:
keep me faithful to my share of the work that is yours,
the work you've entrusted to my hands...

I offer you the work of my will and desire to be faithful:
to what you ask of me,
to the work you give me,
and to those who are served by my work...

Keep me faithful to the work of serving others
and open me, Lord,
to the blessing and help of those
whose work serves me...

Give those in need a job, Lord,
and to the tired grant well earned rest...

Let all our work give glory to your name
this Monday morning
and all this day and week ahead...

Labor Day Collection Pieces
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Labor Day Collection Pieces

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