Monday Morning Offering - 128

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

(This past week saw the death of a colleague in ministry.  David was a pastoral leader in the archdiocese, once a member of our parish staff, and a faithful reader of this page.  Please keep David, and the family and Church he left behind, in your prayer...)

Good morning, gracious God...

There comes again this season of grays,
charcoaled in the landscape of our days,
etched in hearts chilled by long nights…

I come to you this morning, Lord,
with unanswered questions:
questions with no quick or easy answers;
questions that weigh on my soul
and scatter my thoughts;
questions that cloud and haunt my heart
like gray skies in January
holding back the sun I know is there…

I offer you my confusion, Lord,
and pray you’ll draw me more deeply
into the mystery of your wisdom:
help me come to be at peace
with things I do not understand…

God of gray days, 
lift and lighten my heart:
keep and hold me close by your side
and let nothing part me from your presence…

With the fire of your Spirit,
warm and still the shivers of my confusion…

With the light that hides behind the clouds,
clear my mind and brighten my spirit…

As I walk through the week ahead,
keep me mindful of others 
making their way through this season of grays:
help me know their hearts' burdens
and gently offer to help carry them...
Be with me, Lord, 
in my questions, my confusion and my grieving:
be with me, Lord, I pray...


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  1. David's faith was the spark that lit the candles in the
    hearts of his family and friends.May the light continue
    to glow brightly in memory of his life and example.


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