Daily Prayer in Lent: Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Image: Conception Abbey

In this season of Lent when we contemplate the suffering and death of Jesus, let us to draw close to his Mother, Mary, whose own suffering and witness of her Son's passion was more than we can imagine.

As she stood by her Son in his suffering, so is she with us in our own hours of need...

A Marianist Litany to Mary

Holy Mary,  
pray for us!
Mother of God,
Mother of our redemption,
Mother of a lost child,
Mother of comfort and understanding,
Mother who shares our joys,
Mother who endures our sorrows,
Mother whose heart was pierced by a sword,
Mother most merciful,

Woman responsive to God's word,

pray for us!
Woman willing to believe the impossible,
Woman who rejoices in her lowliness,
Woman with an undivided heart,
Woman of perfect freedom,
Woman wrapped in mystery,
Woman moved by the Spirit,
Woman champion of the poor and lowly,
Woman graced by a husband's love,
Woman widowed by a husband's death,
Woman at the cross,
Woman patient and waiting,
Woman clothed with the sun,

Queen of the fullness of times,

pray for us!
Queen of beauty unalloyed,
Queen of integrity,
Queen of painful meetings,
Queen of all our heart's treasure,
Queen of our destiny,
Queen of peace, 

Mary, you are mother and virgin, 
wife and widow, 
peasant and queen,
blessed for all time. 

We need the comfort of your prayers. 
Remember us always to our Father through your Son, Jesus Christ, 
who is our Lord for ever and ever. 

- Rev. Joseph H. Lackner, S.M.

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  1. This daily prayer is helpful for me. Phrases that I wouldn't have thought would strike me have done so. In this one today, "woman responsive to God's word" is what stayed with me, and I think it is because I would like to be a woman responsive to God's word, altho I have trouble sometimes knowing what that "word" is.

  2. I have trouble with that too- not knowing what that "word" is...
    but sometimes I try to think of it as more God's presence, with me- I try to find, see or feel things, not necessarily actual words, that help me know and trust that God is here. And I try not to "work too hard" at it, that is, I try not to stress or get anxious about it, because that makes it more difficult. It seems the more I relax and keep calm, the better I can feel God- or be "responsive to God's word"-


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