Monday Morning Offering - 145

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

A new week stretches ahead of me, Lord:
and I pray you'll walk with me day by day...

I offer you the week ahead...

Keep me by your side,
day and night...

Be with me 
from the moment I wake
until I wake again...

Slow me down, Lord, when I go too fast
and give me strength to do well
the things I really need to accomplish...

Give me the wisdom to lay aside
the things I don't need,
the cares I needn't carry,
the burdens I needn't bear...

Lighten the burdens that are, indeed, mine
and open me to the help that others offer...

Amid the worries of this week, Lord,
calm my fears,
lift my spirits,
and give me rest...

Keep me from worrying about yesterday
and anticipating the future:
keep me mindful
of the moment in which I find myself...

Open my eyes to see the burdens of others
and give me the grace and courage to offer
my hand, my arm, my shoulder;
my heart, my support, my comfort;
my smile, my story, my understanding...

Show me yourself this week, Lord:
open my ears to your voice,
my eyes to your beauty,
my heart to your mercy,
my mind to your counsel,
my weary limbs to your strength,
my mouth to give you praise...

A new week stretches before me, Lord,
a week I offer to you and pray
you help me live it
a day at a time,
in your time,
in peace...

Accept my prayer this morning, Lord,
and all through the week ahead...


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