Word for the Weekend: February 26

It's Lent!

The first scripture this Sunday finds God offering Noah and his family the beauty of the rainbow as a sign of the covenant between God and Noah and his descendants. Let's hope that English-speaking lectors around the world will pronounce correctly that it's God's bow (beau) and not his "bough" in the sky!

(Click on the rainbow above for a larger version!)

The reading from 1 Peter echoes the baptismal imagery found in the story of Noah's ark - a jewel for parishes where catechumens/elect are preparing for baptism.

The gospel for the First Sunday of Lent in all three years of the Lectionary offers the story of Christ's temptation in the desert. This year's version (Mark) is short and scant on detail but tells the story nonetheless. (Preacher's have more to work with in Matthew's and Luke's account.)

Perhaps for a Lenten resolve, you might consider a pledge to read and study the scriptures each week before coming to Mass on Sunday!  To help you do that, the texts and brief commentary on them can be found here.  And if you're shepherding young ones to the liturgy, here are hints for helping them prepare to hear the Word.


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