Every time I feel the Spirit!

I love this song: Every Time I Feel the Spirit.  Just realized I hadn't included it on the widget at the top of the sidebar but here it is, in four arrangements, just in time for Pentecost this weekend.

There's not a moment of my life when God isn't calling me to prayer, calling me to spend some time in the quiet of his presence, calling me to rest with him, to listen for his Word and calling me to speak my heart's joys and burdens for him to hear and heal.

It's easy for me to imagine that prayer is my idea, that prayer begins with my saying, "I'll think I'll sit down and pray..."   But the thought, the impulse to pray, is always the work of God's Spirit within me, the Spirit always prompting and prodding and nudging me to prayer...

Maybe that's why I love this song.  It reminds me that the Spirit is always moving in my heart but I don't always feel it.  I may be too busy, too tired, too forgetful, too careless -- too whatever!  And of course, there are times when I DO feel the Spirit moving but, for "whatever" reason, I don't respond, don't follow where the Spirit's leading me:  I don't pray.

These days before Pentecost would be a good time to ask the Spirit to open me to that presence stirring within  --  and to respond in prayer, every time I feel the Spirit movin' in my heart...

Every Time I Feel the Spirit

            Every time I feel the spirit
            Movin’ in my heart I will pray
            Every time I feel the spirit
            Movin’ in my heart I will pray
            - Up on the mountains my Lord spoke
            Out of His mouth came fire and smoke
            Looked all around me, it looked so fine
            I asked the Lord could it be mine
            - The Jordan river is chilly and cold
            It chills the body but not the soul.
            There ain't but one train upon this track
            It runs to heaven and then right back
            - Oh, I have sorrow and I have woe
            I have heartaches here below
            But while God leads me I’ll never fear
            For I know that He is near


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