Monday Morning Offering - 191

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Well, Lord,
I’m busy, harried, frazzled
-- and distracted!
So much happening on all sides
and inside, too…

I need help figuring things out:
what’s important and what’s not;
what’s a priority and what can wait;
the difference between what I need to do
and what I’d rather do…

So I offer you this morning, Lord, the mixed up jumble
of my completed and unfinished tasks,
my lists of things-to-do that don’t get done,
my false starts and unmet goals…

I offer you all the things I put off until tomorrow
and then put off again for the next day...  and the next…

I offer you my unkept promises to
to slow down, be still,
to pray,
to seek your wisdom,
to ask for your help…

Lord, stop me in my tracks today:
put the breaks on,
take me aside and sit me down
'til I take a deep breath
or two or three…

Let me breathe in your presence,
let me lean on you
and rest by your side…

Refresh and restore me with your Spirit:
grant me serenity
and the peace that only you can give…

Help me discern what’s most deserving
of my time, my interest, my attention -
and what's not...

Help me see with your eyes
what I need most need to see…

Help me know by your light
what you ask of me…

Help me do with my hands
what most needs doing…

And as I plan and schedule my day, my week -
keep me open to how you’ll surprise me
along the way…

Help me do what you ask of me:
what will best serve you
and those whose paths cross mine…

Be patient with me, Lord:
be with me, by my side,

Receive my morning offering, Lord,
and with your Spirit’s truth and wisdom
bless my day and bless my week…


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  1. I've thanked you before and I am thanking you again for putting a daily prayer (so eloquently) into words!!!
    I begin my day with your blog all the time!

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth :-)



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