Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 10/30

A month ago today: 
    - what was on my mind?
    - what was I trying to forget?
    - where were you in my thoughts, Lord?
A month ago today:
    - what clothes did I wear?
    - what did I want to hide? to reveal?
    - was my heart naked or wrapped in worry?

A month ago today:
    - what did I have for dinner?
    - whose heart did I feed that day?
    - what hunger of mine went unfed?

A month ago today:
    - what did I dream?
    - what most disappointed me?
    - what was renewing my hope?

A month ago today:
    - what was most important to me?
    - how has that changed in the last four weeks?
    - where are you in my thoughts today, Lord?
Help me keep it all in perspective,
remembering that whatever this day brings,
    it will come, it will change, it will pass
and through it all 
you'll be ever in my heart, Lord,
and ever by my side...

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