Monday Morning Offering: 3/2

Coffee in the Morning

Each Monday morning in Lent you'll find here, for the coming week, a prayer for the Morning and the Evening and reminders for fasting and caring for the poor.  You might use this prayer to plan you week or return to it every day...

Dear God,
Sometimes I forget that the people along my path
are as fragile as I can sometimes be.

If I look to my past 

I remember those who have been hurt or saddened
by my haste, my selfishness, my carelessness.

More often than not, I hadn’t intended any harm
but my neglect and self-interest

have bruised and burdened others.

If there are ways for me to make amends here, Lord, 

show me how and give me the courage to do what I need to do…

If the time or circumstances for making peace have passed by,
hear my prayer for those whom I have hurt…

Open my eyes and ears, my mind and heart to those around me now
and make me more aware of their presence
and how my life touches theirs.

Nudge me to take the first step towards making peace
in my family, my neighborhood, at work and at school.

Give me a sensitive and forgiving heart - today.
Help me remember how much and how often,
how fully and how freely you forgive me.

And I have a special favor to ask of you, Lord, here it is…

And allow me to remind you 

of some folks I know who need your help,
and whose names I lift up to you now…

Lord, in your love and mercy, hear my prayer.

Our Father…

As you have been with me all this day, Lord, 

be with me this night and be the light that shines 
through the darkness of my worry and fear.

Guard your children everywhere, Lord,
and send your holy angels to protect us.

Be with those who serve and protect us at home and abroad.

Shelter the poor, the innocent
and those who have been abused in any way.

Give me good sleep, Lord, in the strong arms of your mercy.
Grant me good rest that I might serve you well when I awake.

Hail Mary…

•This week, 
the particular food or beverage I'll go without is...
•This week, 
the particular activity or pleasure I'll give up is...
•This week, 
the old, bad habit I’ll try to let go of is...

•This week 
I’m donating groceries to the local food pantry ___
•This week 
I’m shopping for the Parish Easter Giving Tree ___
•This week, 
I’m contributing to my Lenten offering box 
or my favorite charity ___
•This week, I'll reach out to those in need by ___


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