Word for the Weekend: APRIL 26

Image: St. John Icon Studio

That sheep on Jesus' shoulders?
That sheep might be you...
That sheep might be me...

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is sometimes called Good Shepherd Sunday because every year on this date the gospel presents us with an image of the Lord as shepherd.

Here are this Sunday's texts and background material on them and here are hints for helping children prepare to hear the Word this weekend.

This Sunday's texts might be briefly summarized this way:
Jesus the rejected
Jesus the unknown
Jesus the shepherd
This Sunday's first lesson gives us Christ as "the stone rejected by the builders" while the second lesson speaks of the intimacy God shares with us, his children. The reading points out that sometimes we're not recognized as God's own - but then again, neither was Jesus.  The gospel offers one of the best known images of Christ.

The beautiful icon above is a striking image of the gospel's presentation of Christ the Shepherd who lays down his life for us, his flock - on the Cross.

That sheep on Jesus' shoulders?
That sheep might be you
or that sheep might be me...


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