Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 3/30


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  1. Although I am not Roman Catholic, I love your website and subscribe to your daily post. I am a huge fan.
    I especially like your texts with God however I have a request. I like to copy them and save them on my phone, but I have to do it in two parts. When I click on the top it only copies the top portion and the same for the bottom. Can you fix it so I can copy the whole image at once?

  2. Thanks for your kind words and readership, Linda! The template from which I create the "Texting With God" posts has limited space and as a result I have to create them in a series of images (this week, 2). Thus, I'm really posting two images, as if I were posting two photographs and just as neither you nor I could print out two photos as one, neither can we print the two text images as one. Wish I could solve the problem for you - it would make it a lot easier on my end creating the post as well!


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