Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 4/22

I was grocery shopping, Lord, 
and thought to buy some cut flowers
for my prayer room
but when I stopped to choose some,
I saw this African violet 
which put me in mind 
of my mother's beautiful violets 
which put me in mind
of how tenderly she cared for those plants 
which put me in mind
of how tenderly,
how lovingly 
she cared for me...

So I bought that African violet, 
at $3.49, neither costly nor rare,
though dear to me for the memories alive
in its delicate blossoms...

Help me care for this plant, Lord,
as my mother cared for me,
gently and lovingly,
and to care for others 
with the care she tendered me...
And waken more memories like this one, Lord,
to touch and refresh my heart,
memories to bring to prayer,
to put me in mind of my blessings,
lest I ever forget even one...


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